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About CHTV MEDIA Agency

The most aspiring and influential agency on TikTok  

CHTV Media team is deeply involved in the local media industry in the United States, and has a huge resource pool of contracted overseas talents. The media focuses on creative content planning and program production, covering music, dance, variety shows, games, sports and other fields. The company is headquartered in Pasadena, an entertainment and media resort in Los Angeles, and its audience covers major gathering places in North America. As a leading media company, we focus on user experience and content quality. We cooperate with excellent content creators, ensure that they have professional standards through strict review and training, and bring wonderful content performances to the audience. At the same time, we also pay attention to user feedback and needs, continuously improve platform functions, and provide better services.

Official Partner
with TikTok 

CHTV Media's Operation team (American group) has 12 people, with mature live broadcast and short video operation experience. We insist on systematic training of anchors, refinement of anchors, and humanization of anchor management, so as to help anchors to steadily increase their turnover and popularity on the platform.

The team managers have more than 5 years of live broadcast team management experience and industry experience. They are good at building mature anchors from 0 to 1, and have unique insights in live broadcast content creation.

Agency across the globe 

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